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Kids’ Favourite Healthy Smoothie


Smoorthies Healthy And Nutritious Vegetables Are Suitable For Children - Smoothie  is not for teenagers and adults only, This healthy drink is also suitable for kids. A lot of kids tend to avoid vegetables when it is served in a meal. But, we sure know that kids need all the nutrition from the vegetables. One of the easiest ways to make kids love to have fruits and veggies is by putting it into a healthy smoothie.

1. Spinach smoothie

The first smoothie is going to make your kids love spinach. And if they already love spinach, then this healthy smoothie is also very good for them. To make this green smoothie, we will need;
  • a banana,
  • two oz of fresh spinach leaves, 
  • five oz of green grapes, 
  • a half chopped apple core, and..
  • a tub of vanilla yogurt. 
Blend all the ingredients together and get the delicious green smoothie that your kids will love.

2.  Honeydew melon cucumber smoothie

The next healthy smoothie is a honeydew melon cucumber smoothie. The ingredients are
  • a peeled and diced cucumber, 
  • a honeydew melon, 
  • ¼ cup mint leaves, and.. 
  • a cup of seedless green grapes. 
Make sure you remove the seeds from the honeydew melon before placing it into the blender. Blend all the ingredients together for a minute. The smoothie is ready to serve.

3. Papaya smoothie for breakfast

Your kids need more vitamin A? Blend them some papaya smoothie for their breakfast. This healthy smoothie is rich in vitamin, antioxidant, calcium, and minerals. For this smoothie, you have to prepare
  • a peeled papaya, 
  • a half cup of pineapple, 
  • a tsp of coconut extract, 
  • a cup of low-fat yogurt, 
  • a tsp of flax seeds, and..
  • crushed ice cube. 
During blending all the items, you can add water to make it not too thick.
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All those healthy smoothies are good for children because they will have fruits and veggies to keep them away from malnutrition. Besides, they will also learn to eat healthily!

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